Seasonal cocktails : Fall 2012

In the spirit of keeping things fresh and interesting for both bartenders and patrons alike, Our cocktail List changes with the season. Its clear to see that the team have been energized from the lengthy summer and creativity is flowing, with this list holding some of our most interesting cocktails yet.

As the clouds settle in for the winter and that rain we all know and love begins to fall, we pride ourselves on making the transition from summer little more palatable. A usual we are bringing you the most unique drinks in the city using only the best and freshest ingredients available. We definitely have brought the obscure to the party, new ingredients like seahorse tincture, Chinese happy wine, healthy mushroom tea and new releases of amazing mezcal making appearances in our seasonal prescriptions.

Drinks like the Pagoda Soda (vodka, Nigori Sake, lime, simple syrup, immunity tincture) and the Lions Breath (Gin, Lillet blanc, lemon thyme syrup, chocolate bitters) are proving that this seasons list has some new major players at the keefer!

At this years Made with Love cocktail competition, our bar manager, Keenan Hood, delighted the judges with his cocktail, ‘unpredicted season’. So much so that he earned him self a trip to Halifax to represent British Columbia and show the east coast exactly how we throw down here in the west. Combining a generous dose of cazadores reposado tequila with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a bespoke chinese spiced sweetener, a touch of egg white for a delicious consistency and rimmed with a spicy Black Sea salt. This cocktail is not to be missed!

Our up and coming bartenders are beginning to shine, with Jared Fontaine (@gypsyfontaine for those of you playing on twitter) showing his development over the past year with the ‘Amaro Suissesse’ a twisted version of the classic New Orleans breakfast drink, this drink is truly something else, with rye whiskey, amaro Montenegro, almond milk, orgeat/astragalus syrup and egg white.

To add to this, we have some new beers and wines appearing this season. Yanjing Chinese lager, mirror pond pale ale, Baillie Grohman Gerwertztraminer and case Collee brut rose all making their keefer debut! As usual our midweek specials continue to please the causal patron, with $5 tiger beers, Yanjing and Singha along with a selection of American whiskey for bargain prices!

But rather than tell you all about our new creations, we think its best if you join us for one or three soon!
Happy drinking!

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