Our 3 year Anniversary – Chinese New Year

Nearly 3 years ago The Keefer Bar opened its doors to a city abuzz with excitement about imminent decent of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Since then we have mastered the use of our space to optimize good times! From food and drink to entertainment and ambience, 3 years of striving for perfection has resulted in one of Vancouver’s most delicious and entertaining nightlife experiences. Its safe to say that The Keefer Bar’s events are not to be missed, all have their own unique spins depending on the celebration!Selection1-1

Sunday, the 10th of February will be no different. We invite you to join us in celebrating three years of service and contribution to the Vancouver cocktail and nightlife community, as well as the Chinese New Year – welcoming the year of the snake!

The Keefer Bar has become a haven for some of Vancouver’s most highly regarded performing artists as well as a breeding ground for new and emerging talent. On Sunday we will be bringing not one or two of our weekly acts, but all of our Keefer Bar performers will be celebrating with us! Alex Maher, TGLTP Dj’s, Dj Dubconscious, Jellyfish Recordings, Sweet Soul Burlesque and our very own Jared Fontaine! Make no mistake – we have an evening jammed full of amazing music, performance art, delicious food, cocktails and unparalleled service!

Best of all The Keefer Bar’s third anniversary falls on Family day eve, so regardless of a Sunday evening party- we have a work free monday! I think we can all relate to the benefits of this coincidence!

See you Sunday Evening! Doors open at 5pm as always!

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