Today is… Piña Colada Day

Worried you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself each month while the tantric anticipation of the next Keefer Blog builds within you like a 13 year old boy? Worry no more dear friends, in addendum to our monthly post we will also be dropping delectable morsels of arguably less opinionated trivia for you to snatch at and retreat into your respective holes to digest. The “Today is…” post is sure to be a family favourite.


That’s right dear reader, today is Piña Colada day. Arguably (don’t argue) one of the best cocktails of all time, this humble beverage has been the national drink of Puerto Rico since 1978 and enjoyed poolside around the world by every type of drinker from rotund, blistering English holiday-goer to the most tattooed and bearded New York bartender. How can one drink satisfy such a multitude of discerning consumers you ask. Is it the delicious rum? The refreshing pineapple? Or maybe the rich silky coconut? Is it that sexy bloody glass it comes in? I think the truth lies in the sum of these things. Combined this drink is the perfect dessert, the ideal opener on a sunny day, a perfect refresher poolside and, of course, it comes with a tiny fucking umbrella!

Its origin is open to debate as with so many old classics where the truth is sadly lost in time due to the lack of such stalwart custodians of fact as your very own narrator. Feel free to explore the stories in your own time, the point is that the very fact that we don’t know the absolute truth obviously immediately rockets this drink into the halls of great classics, standing proudly, tiny umbrella upright, next to the likes of the Martini or the Sazerac.

A post about Piña Coladas without a nod to musical reference would be shameless laziness on my part and I’m sure most of you are already leaping out of your seats screaming “The Piña Colada song!” at this point. Fewer perhaps were nodding their heads and saying “Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes” and due recognition to you, musical fans. However, for the even smaller group of those who sat back with a wry smile on their face and said “Piña Colada by Chuck Mangione” I stand and bow and invite you to enjoy a Piña Colada with me any day whilst we listen to those 8 minutes and 14 seconds of what anyone with any sense at all would describe as the absolute aural interpretation of this great cocktail.

Little more I feel needs to be said about this tropical beauty, she speaks for herself. If you find yourself aghast at the briefness of this message and demanding, teary eyed, to know more I would suggest you get yourself down to Bao Bei, park yourself in front of my good friends there and ask for one. They do a damn fine job of throwing one together with a cheeky little amaretto float to boot.

Safety third fellow drinker…


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