Today is… Scotch Whisky Day

Here we go you filthy blogophiles, running thick and fast like melted cheese down the side of a cracker of knowledge yet another thrilling fact bomb in the now familiar form of “Today is…” number 3.


Scotch. Say it with me friends, Scotch. The word is almost onomatopoeic, it coats the inside of your mouth with a rich, glossy sensation like that of a fine dram, the end lingering on your tongue pleasantly like we’ve all become accustomed to with so noble a liquor that it rightly gets its own day of celebration.

And what a liquor it is, the category itself so full of sub-divisions and nuances it feels like it should be kept separate from the grouping of liquor or spirits. Single malt? Vatted? Blended? Grain? Highlands? Lowlands? Speyside? Campbeltown? Islay? Peated or unpeated? Age statements? Cask finishes? The choices and combinations are endless. Well, not endless, but suffice it to say each time I try to get there I find myself on the floor far from the finishing line, so it may as well be. The wonderful thing about this great distillate is that everyone has a slightly different preference, the argument between drinkers of blends and the “purist” single malt fans is one I love to sit back and enjoy, normally whilst sipping from both of their whisky glasses.

What of its place in mixed libations? The meek hand of someone at the back of the class half raised as they call out this question. Famously labelled as one of the hardest spirits to mix with it none the less has found its way into some absolutely terrific drinks, from elegant stir downs like the Bobby Burns with its light herbaceous notes and silky texture to more punchy, citrus numbers with seemingly impossible balances of ginger and peat, the name of which I simply cannot call to mind as I sit fettered to this digital typewriter. Sorry Sam. Another interesting role I know some friends of ours on the East Coast like to champion is its place in delicious Tiki variations. And a fine call that is to be sure.

In conclusion and with a fair amount of salivation I’d wager, whether you like it neat or on ice, stirred down with some vermouth or shaken with some coconut cream today is the day to get down to the bar and order one. Fuck it, it’s Friday, order 6 and make a night out of it, and if you find yourself at the Keefer tonight, park up at the bar and order one for me too.

Safety third fellow drinker…


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