Today is… International Rum Day

Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho! Emerging from the mist, part hero, part scoundrel, all bartender, Vancouver’s very own pirate lookalike is back with another delectable, sun-soaked morsel of trivia goodness with the next installment of “Today is…”


You guessed it, today is a celebration of arguably the most lawless of spirits, rum. This could be the best day of celebration there is, why you ask? I’ll tell you why. Wedged shamelessly in the middle of August with the sun beating down, we can drink Daiquiris, Piña Coladas, Queen’s Park Swizzles, Ti Punches and just neat rum, act like a pirate as much as we want, generally get up to mischief, all day long, and blame it good naturedly on a celebration of this great liquor. [Drink Responsibly] … That was weird, we’ll just ignore that shall we friends?

Rum is one of the most diverse spirits out there, with fewer rules than most categories defining its production, if it’s made from a product of fresh sugar cane it’s probably a type of rum. It’s also fairly steeped in the history of the world, playing a large part in the exploration and settlement of the new world and keeping those bloody sailors in line during the Navy days. So, whether you like a dry, punchy Agricole or something smooth and rich from the banks of the Demerara there is almost definitely a rum for you, and a style of drink in which to enjoy it, personally we like it straight from the bottle [Drink Responsibly] … That again eh?

I don’t know what your plans are dear drinkers but if it’s not to do something decidedly dishonorable and rum soaked this fine August day then you’ve not been paying enough attention to these digital pleas that I fire into the universe, beacons of truth, guiding you like giggly, drunken fireflies to where the party is. So please, be responsible, and get yourself a drink!

Safety third fellow drinker…

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